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Zekr 0.6.0 released!
Nedjelja, 05 August 2007 12:15
There are no translations available.

Zekr 0.6.0 final version is available for download. This is the result of hundreds of hours of mutual development and contributions of both users and developers.
Here is number of new features over 0.5.0 release:
  • Advanced search using Lucene full-text search library (Boolean operators, groups, wild cards, scopes, fuzzy search, ...).
  • Uthman Taha theme featuring excellent me_quran font designed by Meor Ridzuan.
  • Two versions of Quran text: detailed and simplified.
  • HTML export for bookmark sets. A new button is added to "Manage Bookmark Sets" form to export any bookmark set into a single HTML file
  • An asymmetric character matching for basic search in order to match Hamza characters better.
  • Basic command lines support: -index, -clean, -workspace.
  • Two new language packs: Pashto (thanks to Qudratullah) and Bosnian (thanks to Nedim Hadzic and Alma Aganovic)
This is - I believe - the most bug-free version of Zekr ever released. It looks nice on Debian/Ubuntu Linux as well as Vista (and other defective-by-design systems ;)).

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