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Please subscribe to Zekr Google Group in order to post your questions, suggestions, bug reports and/or feature requests. This is the official place you can get informed about the latest releases, and other Zekr-related news. Note that this is a special-purpose mailing list for discussions only about the Zekr Quran study software. Use this page to instantly subscribe to the mailing list.

We have recently (Aug. 2010) setup a blog on Blogspot. Find it at: Official Zekr Project Blog.

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Zekr Contributors

Here is a list of major Zekr contributors. If you contributed something to the Zekr project, but your name is not listed here (or linked properly to your page), please let us know about this.

  • Mohsen Saboorian [weblog] (developer and maintainer)
  • Mohammad Derakhshani (Ubuntu package maintainer)
  • Hamid Zarrabi-Zadeh (precise Quran text + search code base)
  • Ali Rastegar (Mac port + Mac maintainer)
  • Chuck (website design + Mac package maintainer)
  • Mohammad Mehdi Saboorian (useful feedbacks)
  • Ari R. Fikri (Indonesian language pack)
  • Younes Moumen (basic French and Arabic language packs)
  • Riyad Preukschas (German language pack)
  • Michael Kalinin (Russian language pack + Russian translations)
  • Omar sm (critical typo reports - when we used an old digital Quran text)
  • Aydin Tarik Zengin (Turkish language pack + Turkish translation)
  • Muhammet Abay (Turkish localization)
  • H N Jafar (Malay language pack)
  • Erik van Luxzenburg (Initial Dutch language pack)
  • Muhammad Bashir Al-Noimi (Arabic language pack)
  • Dangiislam.org (Kurdish language pack)
  • Mohsin Shafeeque Hijazee (Urdu language pack)
  • Nedim Hadžić (Bosnian language pack)
  • Alma Aganović (Bosnian language pack + Korkut translation)
  • Johan Laenen (Dutch localization + Dutch/Portuguese translation pack + code contribution)
  • Zabeehkhan (Pashto localization)
  • Fareed A. Bashirov (Tatar language pack + Tatar translation)
  • Mahdi Reyes (Spanish localization)
  • Amir Zaidan (his own Quran translation in German)
  • ... and many others who helped us, but their name is missing here.