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Zekr 0.7.5 beta 1 Released
Saturday, 31 October 2009 10:47

We are happy to announce a new version of Zekr: 0.7.5 beta 1. It's more than a year with no new releases, so it's my pleasure to make the project active again. From this version, we need a Java 5 or higher.

In this release we replaced flash-based mp3 player with a pure-Java mp3 player. In addition, we now support ogg, speex (.spx) and wave. Supporting newer formats is now done seamlessly by simply adding one or two .jar files to [zekr]/lib folder.

Recitation files (.properties) are fully re-designed and made so simpler. As a result older recitation .properties files are not recognized anymore. Zekr comes with 7 online recitations. More can be downloaded from resource page. Please note that you do not need to remove or re-download whole mp3 files. You should just update your .properties file (which is usually less than 2kb).

Zekr now supports proxy for accessing network, although no GUI yet. You can set proxy details in config file for all network accesses: e.g. check for update, playing online recitations, etc.

From this version, our Mac release is using Cocoa.